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​Lush Lighting is a company you can trust. Superior customer service and advanced research are just a couple of the many benefits. Lush Lighting combines engineering and biochemistry to make the most energetic grow lights ever created! This really has never been done before. The proof is that the actual blends of light that plants pull from the Sun are completely different from what every other company is making. We know this because we've performed thousands of tests for years to discover these lighting harmonics that boost plant growth. We have created a diagram of how plants actually absorb light and use it to split water at a molecular level. We explain how plants can benefit from more energy, and present to you the most energetic grow lights ever created. Lush Lighting is the first company to utilize the most energetic photons plants can absorb. By doing so, our hydro LED lights really are the most energetic grow lights ever created. Light can be measured in eV (Electron Volts) and Lush Lighting products produce more eV's than any other grow light on the market. Our products are engineered in the USA and customer service is based in the USA. Horticulturists love how the Lush Difference improves their already prize gardens!

Why our Hydro LED Lights are the best

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Light is the fuel source from which all plant life receives its energy to grow. 

Put a Lush LED grow light in your garden today and by the end of the week you will have healthier plants growing faster!
When it's Lush that increases cannabis oil that cures patients,
why settle for anything less than the best?
Urban Grower states, "This is the tastiest weed I've tasted since I've been back in the states this time, holy shit!" 
The Cannabis community is getting excited about LED! 
Lush Lighting Grand Slam!
Independent product reviews are in!
435w Dominator vs. 1000w HPS
Some of the biggest breeders are using Lush!
Full spectrum lighting for photosynthesis!
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Lush LED Lighting brings out the best in your cannabis!
FarmerJohn Fourtwenty 
has seen remarkable growth using Lush LED's for veg and supplementing HPS. Now he is all in for breeding exclusively under Dominators! 
90 day guarantee
3 year warranty 10 year lifespan  
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Corey Dennis loves his Lush LED's!
High Times LA Cup 2013
Best Sativa 1st Place!
Tangie by DNA Genetics
Loves Lush!
Podcast: Top of the line 
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