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When it's Lush that increases cannabis oil that cures patients,
why settle for anything less than the best?

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Some Of The Biggest Breeders Are Using Lush!
The Cannabis community is getting excited about LED! 

 "Nature’s Way Wellness Center’s master grower did a side-by-side test, growing the same plants under Lush Lightings’s LED grow lights and his existing HPS lights. The LED lit grow out-produced NWWC’s HPS plants by 27%"
Urban Grower states, "This is the tastiest weed I've tasted since I've been back in the states this time, holy shit!" 
FarmerJohn Fourtwenty 
has seen remarkable growth using Lush LED's for veg and supplementing HPS. Now he is all in for breeding exclusively under Dominators! 

Kushington Farms generates 100 pounds of cannabis per year with a 72 plant perpetual harvest system using LED lights exclusively.

LUSH Lighting wins Cannabis News Pro's Awesome Product Award! 

"We really like what LUSH Lighting is doing for the Industry"
                    Cannabis News Pro

Corey Dennis loves his Lush Lights!

Lush Lighting products are different than other agricultural grow lights. Where most LED lights fail, we excel! Increase the yield, taste, aroma and density of your harvest! When quality and quantity are a must, Lush Lighting products produce superior results!
We Guarantee it!
Create less heat from your lighting.
Reduce the cost to light your garden.
Spend less in nutrients.

​Increase resin production, aroma, taste, potency and density of produce grown under Lush LED's vs. any HID! 
Investing into Lush Lighting LED's offers peace of mind. A 90 day guarantee, 3 year warranty and 10 year lifespan all on a product that is safer to operate in your home!