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Industry's first LED that grows larger plants and flowers over HPS!
This harmonic form of photon energy will:

  • Increase your plant's production of chemical energy; previously only seen under genuine sunlight!

  • Increase the value of your gardening space while reducing your cost to operate that space!
Light contains energy and each color has a different voltage. But, why is this so important for you?

Light is the fuel source for photosynthesis. Each light absorbing pigment in your plants need this fuel, and each of these light absorbing pigments are sensitive to the voltage of this fuel. Light is where your plants get their energy! The Dominator produces light that contains 50% more energy over HPS! The light itself is more powerful! Your plants will use this type of energy to perform processes they simply can't do under HID fixtures. This is one technology you have to see for yourself! Put a Lush light in your garden today and your plants will thank you tomorrow! 

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Complete full spectrum proven to fuel photosynthesis better than all other grow lights on the market!