Why Lush Lighting

Our customers have increased yield of the same space by a full 30% while decreasing cooling cost with Lush LED grow lights! These large operations have recorded a 30% increase in yield when replacing 1000w HPS lights with 1000w of Lush LED grow lights. Other Large operations have recorded a 50% reduction in energy cost while maintaining yields when replacing 1000w of HPS lights with 650w of Lush LED grow lights!

How Lush LED Grow Lights Help

  1. Increases plants’ natural oil and resin production by fueling them with highly energetic photos like UV light
  2. Properly fuels photosynthesis to grow healthier plants with higher immunity to pests and molds
  3. Produces low heat to keep grow rooms dry and cool during summer months
  4. Simulates natural sunlight to help grow thicker roots faster
  5. Provides UV light is to grow cannabis and produce THC-V, the super cannabinoid (UV light is required)

Annual Cost of HPS vs. Lush Lighting

Higher yields and lower operating costs will allow you to double your income!

Increase your revenue or decrease your cost or your money back! 3 year warranty!

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Photosynthesis and Lighting

Photosynthesis can only perform up to the efficiency of its weakest link, and chlorophyll does not work alone to perform photosynthesis. This is why fueling your plants with the correct energy is so important.

In the graph below, notice all of the activity in the blue region. Chlorophyll is most efficient in capturing red and blue light. Most grow lighting uses yellow, orange, and red as their primary colors. This causes a bottleneck of stored electrons and stress to plants.

We use scientific methods to study how chlorophyll works. Our LED grow lights capture the light blue spectrum to activate the most efficient energy transfer and better photosynthesis in your crop.

Chlorophyll Chart

Lush Lighting Invests in Your Crops

Lush Lighting has combined biochemistry and engineering so your crops can grow bigger, healthier, and more potent! We build the only LED grow light endorsed by Oaksterdam University!

Oaksterdam University, an internationally recognized Cannabis College. It is their mission to provide quality training for the cannabis industry. Thousands of students have already passed through the O.U. curriculum since the school was opened in November 2007. As a groundbreaking new place to learn, Oaksterdam University is a forerunner in training those people interested in a career in the cannabis Industry. O.U. also doubles as a hub for cannabis activism.

Trust Your Garden with High-quality LED Lighting

  • Lush Lighting inspects every light for defects and confirms each item is built to our high standards
  • Lush Lighting warranties our products out of Michigan, and claims are handled with urgency
  • Lush Lighting products provide Chlorophyll with what it needs and the accessory pigments with what they need so everything works in harmony
  • Lush Lighting products only use the highest output LEDs and most reliable power drivers so you can have peace of mind your lights will work day in and day out